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Fulton Montgomery Community College

Fulton-Montgomery Community College was founded in 1963 following approval from the Boards of Supervisors of Fulton and Montgomery counties and the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York.  The campus, located in borrowed facilities in the City of Johnstown, moved to its permanent location at 2805 State Highway 67, Johnstown, for the 1968-69 academic year.

In the mid 1990’s, additional facilities were added to the campus including an art wing, a theatre, and a TV studio.  In 2012, the College broke ground for its new student housing and renovated the cafeteria into a modern-day dining area; and, in 2013, the unused swimming pool space in the Physical Education building was turned into Raiders Cove, a student social gathering area which includes an eatery, gaming tables, an entertainment stage, and several large screen TVs.

Founding President Dr. William Gragg served the College from March 1964 through June 1971.  Over the past fifty years, a total of eight presidents along with interim presidents have served the College’s student population; a number which has grown from 350 students to today’s population of 2,850 students including international students from 15 different countries.

Students who once majored in leather making and secretarial science are now majoring in one of 40 academic programs including liberal arts and sciences, business, electrical technology, media communication, nursing, and radiologic technology.

Throughout the decades, the faces of FM have changed, the facilities have been transformed, and even a new College logo and Raider mascot developed; however, the passion for helping students succeed is something that will never change.

Important Facts

Fulton-Montgomery Community College has adopted learning outcomes for all students graduating from all degree programs. The outcomes are achieved through traditional learning experiences in the classroom as well as extra and co-curricular activities. The current outcomes were approved by the College Board of Trustees in June 2014.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

  • FM graduates will demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • FM graduates will proficiently select and apply appropriate communication skills in a variety of settings.
  • FM graduates will apply appropriate technology in order to effectively research, communicate, and learn.
  • FM graduates will demonstrate self and cultural awareness, civic responsibility, and an appreciation of the natural world.

Ranking / Awards

2021 Rankings

  • Fulton-Montgomery Community College was awarded 1 badge in the 2021 rankings.


  • Ranking: N/A
  • Ranking: N/A
  • Type of Accommodation: On Campus


Annual Cost of living 12000 USD /year
Average Annual UG Fee 10080 USD
Average Annual PG Fee N/A
Application Fee N/A

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Contact Information

  • 2805 State Highway 67, Johnstown, NY 12095
  • To know more contact PSA toll free number 18002585772

Programs Offered


Business: Business Administration AS

  • Length 01 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee 10080 USD
  • Application Fee N/A
  • Average processing time 20 days
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