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University of Hohenheim (Universität Hohenheim)

The University of Hohenheim is the oldest university in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 1818, after the city had been racked by a devastating famine. The university’s original purpose was to teach agricultural techniques and experiment with more efficient farming techniques, to prevent such a disaster ever happening again.

There are three faculties at the university: Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences and Business, Economics and Social Sciences. They offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes.

International cooperation takes high priority at the university. Degrees are offered in English and students are encouraged to take part in study abroad schemes. The university has exchange agreements with institutions around the world, including universities in the United States, Australia and Singapore.

The campus is based in a palace, the former residence of Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg. Duke von Württemberg constructed the palace and its surrounding gardens in the 1700s. Today, the well-maintained grounds are where Hohenheim students take classes.

With its gardens and green spaces home to over 400 different plant species, Hohenheim’s campus is easy and pleasant to get around by foot. 

Three museums are located on the Hohenheim campus. The German Agricultural Museum looks at the country’s history of farming. The History of Hohenheim Museum houses collections related to the town, palace and the university itself. The Zoology and Veterinary Museum has several biological and medical curiosities

Important Facts

Five Reasons to Choose Hohenheim


  1. Career Opportunities:- Nation-wide rankings and surveys of HR directors speak to the excellent quality of our degree programs. Our proximity to companies and media organizations around Stuttgart makes it easier to contact potential employers or look for internships.
  2. Internationality:- Strategic partnerships and intensive supervision create attractive options for a semester abroad or a Double Bachelor's or Double-Master’s degree at a renowned foreign university.
  3. Research:- We work on substantial, excellent contributions to fundamental and applied scientific questions in national and international contexts. To do this, we cooperate closely with universities and non-university research institutions, public supporters, and businesses.
  4. Teaching:-  The scientifically founded, interdisciplinary, and praxis-related “Hohenheim Model” offers many possibilities for individually designing your studies. This enables the best possible qualifications for tasks in academics and society.
  5. Campus:- On one of the most beautiful campus facilities in Germany, everything is centered around the Hohenheim Palace: Lecture halls, canteen, library, sports facilities, and residence halls. Many opportunities for sports and leisure activities, further and continuing education programs, and student initiatives offer attractive opportunities outside of the lecture hall.



Ranking / Awards

Being a specialist instead of a generalist opens up many opportunities for the University of Hohenheim. This includes working across the disciplines - for example in the University-wide concentration Bioeconomy, to which all faculties contribute.

Global rankings cannot include such unique aspects. Their methods favor in particular large, comprehensive universities. The University of Hohenheim is therefore particularly proud of its placement for research, teaching, international matters, science management, and others in the following rankings.

NTU Ranking
University of Hohenheim Agricultural Research and Food Science are

  • #1 in Germany
  • #6 in Europe
  • #20 in the world

Best Global Universities Ranking
University of Hohenheim Agricultural Research, Nutritional Science, and Food Science are

  • #1 in Germany
  • #7 in Europe
  • #27 in the world

THE World University Ranking:
The University of Hohenheim remains in the top segment: The current THE World University Ranking places it in among the top 30% of universities in the world.

QS World University Ranking by subject
University of Hohenheim Agricultural Research is

  • #1 in Germany
  • #8 in Europe
  • #16 in the world


  • Ranking: 201
  • Ranking: 651
  • Type of Accommodation: On Campus


Annual Cost of living 10200 EUR /year
Average Annual UG Fee N/A
Average Annual PG Fee N/A
Application Fee N/A


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  • Schloss Hohenheim 1 70599 Stuttgart
  • To know more contact PSA toll free number 18002585772
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Campus Information

Hohenheim campus

The most beautiful university campus in Germany: The hallmark of the Hohenheim campus is the baroque Hohenheim Palace, surrounded by the historical park and botanical gardens. Around the Palace are lecture halls, institutes, the canteen, libraries - a campus with short distances between destinations that promotes accessibility, communication, and transfer.

Programs Offered


Master of Food Biotechnology

  • Length 02 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee N/A
  • Application Fee N/A
  • Average processing time 30 days
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