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University of Newcastle

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Master of Philosophy (Reproductive Medicine)

PhD and Research Masters
The School of Medicine and Public Health is committed to ongoing support of PhD and Research Masters candidates. We provide a high standard of research supervision. We also provide research degree candidates with material resources including financial support, laptop computers, office space and equipment, and writing and presentation skills workshops.

Find the right research degree
The following research degrees are offered by the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and
Master of Philosophy degrees

  • PhD (Gender and Health)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Aboriginal Health)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Clinical Pharmacology)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (General Practice)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Gerontology and Geriatrics)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Health Economics)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Medical Education)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Medicine)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Paediatrics and Child Health)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Psychiatry)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Public Health and Behavioural Sciences)2
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Reproductive Medicine)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Surgical Science)1
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Trauma Sciences)1

Note: 1 = High DEST degrees; 2 = Low DEST degrees. See Financial Support below for further details.

Research Strengths
The School contributes to the University's Priority Research Centres in the areas of:

  • Brain and Mental Health
  • Cancer Research
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Chemical Biology and Clinical Pharmacology
  • Digestive Health
  • Generational Health and Ageing
  • Grow Up Well
  • Health Behaviour
  • Healthy Lungs
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Reproductive Science
  • Stroke and Brain Injury


  • June
  • Jan

Application Processing Time in Days: 21

Minimum English Language Requirements

English Level Description IELTS (1.0 -9.0) TOEFL IBT (0-120) TOEFL CBT (0-300) PTE (10-90)
Expert 9 120 297-300 86-90
Very Good 8.5 115-119 280-293 83-86
Very Good 8 110-114 270-280 79-83
Good 7.5 102-109 253-267 73-79
Good 7 94-101 240-253 65-73
Competent 6.5 79-93 213-233 58-65
Competent 6 60-78 170-210 50-58
Modest 5.5 46-59 133-210 43-50
Modest 5 35-45 107-133 36-43
Limited 4 32-34 97-103 30-36
Extremely Limited < 4 < 31 < 93 < 30

PSW Opportunity

  • 3 Years

Admission Requirement / Eligibility Criteria

(1)To be considered for admission to the University, Higher Degree by Research applicants will be required to:

have met the relevant English language proficiency requirements as described in the English Proficiency Policy.
have satisfied the minimum academic requirements described in the relevant Award and Program Schedules;
have met any other additional admission requirements that may be prescribed  by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation);
be a minimum of 16 years of age at 1 March of the year of admission. Applicants under the age of 16 years may apply directly to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration.

(2) The Assistant Dean (Research Training) is authorised to prescribe additional admission requirements when considering an admission to candidature. This may include a requirement for the applicant to undertake an examination(s) or carry out such work as prescribed.

(3) The Assistant Dean (Research Training) is authorised to refuse admission to candidature when appropriate supervision and resources are not available. Whether appropriate supervision and resources are available will be determined by the Assistant Dean (Research Training) on recommendation from the School.

For More Information Please Connect To Our PSA Counselor.