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University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg (colloquially German: Uni Freiburg), officially the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (German: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), is a public research university located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The university was founded in 1457 by the Habsburg dynasty as the second university in Austrian-Habsburg territory after the University of Vienna. Today, Freiburg is the fifth-oldest university in Germany, with a long tradition of teaching the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences and enjoys a high academic reputation both nationally and internationally. The university is made up of 11 faculties and attracts students from across Germany as well as from over 120 other countries. Foreign students constitute about 18.2% of total student numbers.

The University of Freiburg has been associated with figures such as Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Rudolf Carnap, David Daube, Johann Eck, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Friedrich Hayek, Edmund Husserl, Edith Stein, Friedrich Meinecke, Max Weber, Paul Uhlenhuth and Ernst Zermelo. As of October 2018, 21 Nobel laureates are affiliated with the University of Freiburg as alumni, faculty or researchers, and 15 academics have been honored with the highest German research prize, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize while working at the university.

Important Facts

Why Freiburg?
Top 10 Reasons to Choose the University of Freiburg

1. Academic Excellence The University of Freiburg is one of the oldest and most renowned higher education institutions in Germany. Freiburg is listed among the best German universities according to the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities. Our graduates and faculty members include a number of Nobel laureates, and many are at the top of their fields. We have partnerships with top universities, research institutions, and businesses around the world.

2. Highly Satisfied Students Surveys show that most graduates would choose to study at the University of Freiburg again if they had the chance. Teaching and education lie at the heart of our work, and all degree programs undergo continuous, rigorous evaluation and development. We are committed to offering our students an education that meets the latest academic and methodological standards and provides them with first-class professional skills.

3. Affordable, Yet High-Quality Higher education in Germany receives generous state subsidies, which allow all students, including international students, to take advantage of the incredibly low cost of higher education. The only fee is an administrative and student activity fee of €105 per semester, which includes a discounted regional transportation pass and access to the inexpensive student cafeterias. Many scholarships are available for qualifi ed international students. Visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to explore your options:

4. Comprehensive Student Support Services We take service seriously at the University of Freiburg. Students have access to a wide variety of assistance and advice to support them in all aspects of their studies and personal lives. International students are given additional support designed to meet their unique needs. Before the semester begins, students attend an orientation week that introduces them to the university, the various faculties, and their respective study program. Experienced students mentor new students during the first few weeks, and advisors are available to provide ongoing academic support. Combined with the friendly and open nature of our city and university, this allows most international students to easily make connections and quickly feel at home.

5. Diversity on Campus With close to 3,500 international students and a large number of renowned international scholars as guest professors or full-time faculty, we offer a truly cosmopolitan and diverse atmosphere in the middle of one of Germany’s most charming cities.

6. Old World Charm with a Youthful Flair Freiburg is rich in history. The city´s many sights, including the historic city center, are a magnet for tourists. The large number of students living in Freiburg keeps the city young, as does the wide array of nightlife and cultural attractions.

7. Great Location & Comfortable Climate Freiburg is well known for its extremely high quality of life, and many visitors end up staying for good. Whether that is due to the fact that we have the most hours of sunshine of any German city or the unique atmosphere that permeates the capital of the Black Forest, Freiburg appeals equally to fans of nature, culture or the simple pleasures of life. Located less than an hour by train from France and Switzerland and ringed with green hills and vineyards,
Freiburg’s ideal geographic location offers boundless opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

8. Recreational Activities The area surrounding Freiburg offers many recreational options for the active student – skiing, hiking, cycling, and mountain biking, just to name a few. In addition, students may join in a myriad of athletic activities and courses offered by our university sports club.

9. Close-knit Student Community Freiburg is a student town. Most university buildings are located directly in the city center or in adjacent neighborhoods. Members of the university community can be found in all corners of the city at any time of day – in cafes and bars as well as on their way to lectures, seminars and libraries. With more than 30,000 students in Freiburg’s population of 224,000, you will quickly start recognizing familiar faces as you walk through town!

10. “Green City” Freiburg earned this name and reputation due to its high environmental standards, its innovative research and development (including at the university), and its general attitude toward the environment. More than three decades ago, the city made a

Ranking / Awards

University rankings
  • ARWU World;- 101-150
  • THE World:- 86
  • USNWR World:-  158
  • QS World:- 169


  • Ranking: 86
  • Ranking: 172
  • Type of Accommodation: On Campus


Annual Cost of living 10200 EUR /year
Average Annual UG Fee N/A
Average Annual PG Fee 3000 EUR
Application Fee N/A

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  • Friedrichstr. 39 79098 Freiburg
  • To know more contact PSA toll free number 18002585772
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Having grown with the city since the 15th century, the university's buildings are deeply intertwined with the city. The three large campuses are the university center next to the historical city center, the institutes quarter, and the engineering campus, but other buildings can be found scattered throughout Freiburg.

Programs Offered


Embedded Systems Engineering (Master of Science)

  • Length 02 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee 6000 EUR
  • Application Fee N/A
  • Average processing time 20 days
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Renewable Energy Engineering and Management Master of Science (M.Sc.)

  • Length 02 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee 6000 EUR
  • Application Fee N/A
  • Average processing time 20 days
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Sustainable Systems Engineering (Master of Science)

  • Length 02 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee 6000 EUR
  • Application Fee N/A
  • Average processing time 20 days
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