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Victoria University

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Graduate Diploma in Digital Media

Explore the processes and theory behind digital transformation and position yourself as digital media practitioner with the Graduate Certificate in Digital Media.

Our curriculum is flexible, regularly updated and informed by our course advisory panel which includes representatives from industry and government. We review developments such as app creation, game production, search engine optimisation, content strategy and social network analytics. The programme is grounded in the practice of user experience design (UX) and students are exposed to industry methodologies such as a 'scrum’.

Students exit the course with a portfolio containing examples of industry artefacts (including user journeys and user testing process). It's possible to undertake a work placement or internship within the programme to further develop your industry skills.

Based in facilities at our City Flinders campus, timetables are designed for the busy professional. 

This graduate diploma is the second stage of a nested suite of three courses that make up the Masters of Digital Media. The first stage is a Graduate Certificate in Digital Media. Alternatively, students can enrol directly in the Master of Digital Media course.

Completion of one stage gives you credit towards the next. You can choose to exit at the graduate certificate or graduate diploma level. An admission requirement for this course is a Bachelor degree in any discipline. Applicants with a Bachelor degree in the area of Digital Media can receive six months' credit.

Campus Information

City Flinders

City Flinders Campus is a modern building in the centre of Melbourne’s busy central business district (CBD) You could be studying courses as diverse as osteopathy and business at this campus. It is opposite Melbourne’s grand Flinders Street Station, the Yarra River and the Southbank precinct. The campus is a perfect location for transport, shopping, food and cafes, or to hold a special event at our our Convention Centre.


  • Feb
  • July

Application Processing Time in Days: 20

Minimum English Language Requirements

English Level Description IELTS (1.0 -9.0) TOEFL IBT (0-120) TOEFL CBT (0-300) PTE (10-90)
Expert 9 120 297-300 86-90
Very Good 8.5 115-119 280-293 83-86
Very Good 8 110-114 270-280 79-83
Good 7.5 102-109 253-267 73-79
Good 7 94-101 240-253 65-73
Competent 6.5 79-93 213-233 58-65
Competent 6 60-78 170-210 50-58
Modest 5.5 46-59 133-210 43-50
Modest 5 35-45 107-133 36-43
Limited 4 32-34 97-103 30-36
Extremely Limited < 4 < 31 < 93 < 30

Job Opportunity Potential

This course could lead to a career as a:

  • digital media 'all rounder'
  • UX (user experience) practitioner
  • digital media producer
  • digital marketing manager
  • e-learning designer
  • mobile and web designer
  • digital media strategist
  • social media strategy and analyst.

Admission Requirement / Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in any discipline.
  • Completion of an Australian Graduate Certificate (or equivalent) in a similar discipline.

  • Course Code: 083305G
  • Course Type: Full Time
  • Course Level: Post Graduate Diploma or Certificate
  • Duration: 01 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee: 26200 AUD
    Annual Cost of Living: 21041 AUD
    Application Fee: N/A
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