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University of Indianapolis

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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UIndy’s Krannert School of Physical Therapy (KSPT) is a 3-year, full-time traditional campus-based program that combines classroom instruction with real-world clinical experiences to prepare students for a career as a physical therapist.

Classes take place on the UIndy campus weekdays throughout each semester, including summers.
Graduates of our professional, entry-level DPT program receive a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and are eligible to apply for licensure across the United States.

Note - Tuition fee is estimated
(For More Information Please Contact to Our Counselor.)


  • Oct

Application Processing Time in Days: 30

Application Process

Visa Process
30 Days

Minimum English Language Requirements

English Level Description IELTS (1.0 -9.0) TOEFL IBT (0-120) TOEFL CBT (0-300) PTE (10-90)
Expert 9 120 297-300 86-90
Very Good 8.5 115-119 280-293 83-86
Very Good 8 110-114 270-280 79-83
Good 7.5 102-109 253-267 73-79
Good 7 94-101 240-253 65-73
Competent 6.5 79-93 213-233 58-65
Competent 6 60-78 170-210 50-58
Modest 5.5 46-59 133-210 43-50
Modest 5 35-45 107-133 36-43
Limited 4 32-34 97-103 30-36
Extremely Limited < 4 < 31 < 93 < 30

PSW Opportunity

  • 12 to 36 months (OPT duration depends on the major studied).


Admission Requirement / Eligibility Criteria


The DPT program at University of Indianapolis recognizes the challenges many students have faced this spring due to COVID 19 and will continue to face throughout the summer. While we will still require the prerequisites to be completed with a letter grade, we are waiving the GRE requirement as part of our application process for the upcoming year. All other requirements as stated on our website and PTCAS will remain the same. Additionally, if you have already taken the GRE and would like to submit those scores, you certainly may still do so. If you have any questions, please contact our  Counselor.

Admission Requirements

  • Basic English and math proficiency
  • Cumulative college grade point average at or above 2.6, calculated from at least 12 credits, or a cumulative high school grade point average at or above 3.0 for recent high school graduates or those with less than 12 college credits completed
  • Completion of Anatomy, Physiology, & Physics prerequisites within the last 10 years (a request can be made to defer this based on continued work experience in the area of study).


In order to meet professional licensure requirements, as well as protect future patients/clients and clinical sites, admitted students are required to have criminal background checks and drug screens prior to beginning the program. A criminal history or positive drug screen may affect clinical placement, and/or licensure, and in some cases, disqualify a student from admission.


For More Information Please Contact to Our Counselor.

  • Course Type: Full Time
  • Course Level: Doctoral Degree/PhD
  • Duration: 03 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee: 115356 USD
    Annual Cost of Living: 12000 USD
    Application Fee: N/A
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