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M.A.-Inclusive Education


Through a combination of taught academic sessions at Master’s level, and self-directed study, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of this field, and how it influences the way students (children, young people, and adults) experience education in various national and international contexts.

Course Structure 

Including Vulnerable Learners
You'll explore how inclusion is exercised in education settings and how you can become agents of change at work by acquiring a deeper understanding of the barriers to inclusion. Taught sessions provide an understanding of the ways in which vulnerability and learners’ additional needs impact on the climate of the classroom and the culture of a school or educational setting.

SEN and Inclusion: Autism Spectrum (Children)
This module is for teachers, SENCOs, and other professionals working with children and young people on the autism spectrum, and is designed to increase their knowledge of the subject.

Identifying and Addressing Difficulties Learning Mathematics
This provides you with an introduction to the theory and practice of teaching learners with difficulties in learning Mathematics.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
You'll have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions about the learning and development of a child with English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Identifying and Supporting Learners with SpLD/Dyslexia 1
This module provides an introduction to the theory and practice of teaching learners with SpLD/Dyslexia, with a focus on the key elements of specialist teaching. You'll examine the role of education in contemporary societies, and explore how educational reform is constructed and implemented to deliver social and economic change.

Independent Study Module
Explore an area of inclusive education which is of interest to you, with tutor support.

Course modules

This course includes or offers the following modules. Please check the programme document (below the main image on this page) for more information.

  • Including Vulnerable Learners
  • Identifying and Supporting Learners with SpLD/Dyslexia 1
  • Social and Educational Inclusion in Schools and their Communities
  • Identifying and Overcoming Difficulties Learning Mathematics
  • SEN and Inclusion: Autism Spectrum
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Independent Study
  • Independent Study
  • Research Methods in Social Science
  • Research and the professional: 1
  • Research and the professional: 2
  • Dissertation

Campus Information


There can’t be many campuses that rival Newton Park. The parkland estate has everything you’d expect from a modern university, as well as a castle and a lake. All this and it's only four miles from the buzz of central Bath.


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Application Processing Time in Days: 30

Application Process

Visa Process
30 Days

Minimum English Language Requirements

English Level Description IELTS (1.0 -9.0) TOEFL IBT (0-120) TOEFL CBT (0-300) PTE (10-90)
Expert 9 120 297-300 86-90
Very Good 8.5 115-119 280-293 83-86
Very Good 8 110-114 270-280 79-83
Good 7.5 102-109 253-267 73-79
Good 7 94-101 240-253 65-73
Competent 6.5 79-93 213-233 58-65
Competent 6 60-78 170-210 50-58
Modest 5.5 46-59 133-210 43-50
Modest 5 35-45 107-133 36-43
Limited 4 32-34 97-103 30-36
Extremely Limited < 4 < 31 < 93 < 30

Job Opportunity Potential

We’ve got lots to share with you and to help we have split our work into three elements which will support you with:

  • Exploring your options
  • Gaining valuable experience
  • Progressing your ideas and career plans

At Bath Spa we believe you are continually exploring your options and experiencing different pathways to progression, but that this journey is not linear. It keeps on going throughout your time with us and when you leave. Some of our services cross all three areas and allow you to explore, experience and progress all in one, such as The Bath Spa Award.

We encourage you to read resources and attend events across all stages of Explore, Experience and Progress as they will offer beneficial insight and development opportunities regardless of the current stage you are at in your career journey.

PSW Opportunity

  • 2 Years PSW is applicable after the course completing (Bachelors level or above).

Admission Requirement / Eligibility Criteria

Normally a Second Class honours degree.


Normally a Bachelor's degree with honours and a good passing grade from an internationally recognised university or Higher Education institution
Other international qualifications to an equivalent standard will also be considered.

IELTS Academic 6.5 or 7.0

This must include a total of 75, to include a minimum 18 in Reading, 17 in Listening, 20 in Speaking, and 17 in Writing.

Our postgraduate courses have differing requirements depending on the course.  For specific information please see the course webpage.

For courses requiring IELTS 6.5, the PTE required score is 58 overall with at least 51 in each of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

For courses requiring IELTS 7.0, the PTE required score is 67 overall with at least 62 in each of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

We accept the LanguageCert International ESOL with an overall B2 Communicator Pass or High Pass (depending on the course)

  • Course Type: Full Time
  • Course Level: Masters/PG Degree
  • Duration: 01 Year  
  • Total Tuition Fee: 14045 GBP
    Annual Cost of Living: 9207 GBP
    Application Fee: N/A
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