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Western Community College

Surrey , British Columbia ,Canada

Health Care Assistant-ESL

The HCA Program is designed for students who want to be certified to work as a Health Care Assistant (HCA).  Health Care Assistants are the frontline care providers in a variety of institutional and community settings.  Health Care Assistants aid in the basic care of the patients, under the direction of nurses, hospital staff, and physicians.  They provide professional care and supervision in protective and supportive health care environments, for clients/residents who have complex health challenges.   Through this course, students will gain skills and experience, first working in the classroom and lab, and then through practicum.  A portion of the ESL component will be taught to the students before they enter the Health Care portion of the program.  This program is specially designed for intermediate users of the English language, who need to improve their communication skills before they enter into the workforce.   This will enable the student to successfully communicate with their clients.


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Application Processing Time in Days: 20

Minimum English Language Requirements

English Level Description IELTS (1.0 -9.0) TOEFL IBT (0-120) TOEFL CBT (0-300) PTE (10-90)
Expert 9 120 297-300 86-90
Very Good 8.5 115-119 280-293 83-86
Very Good 8 110-114 270-280 79-83
Good 7.5 102-109 253-267 73-79
Good 7 94-101 240-253 65-73
Competent 6.5 79-93 213-233 58-65
Competent 6 60-78 170-210 50-58
Modest 5.5 46-59 133-210 43-50
Modest 5 35-45 107-133 36-43
Limited 4 32-34 97-103 30-36
Extremely Limited < 4 < 31 < 93 < 30

Job Opportunity Potential

Graduates of the program can work in the following facilities: 

  • Home Support Long 
  • Term Care Facilities 
  • Extended Care Facilities 
  • Respite Care and 
  • Home Support

PSW Opportunity

If your program was less than 8 months

  •    You aren’t eligible for a PGWP.

If your program was more than 8 months but less than 2 years

  •    We may give you a PGWP that’s valid for up to the same length as your study program.

For example, if you completed a 9-month program, we may give you a work permit for up to 9 months.

If your program was 2 years or more

  •    We may give you a PGWP that’s valid for 3 years.

If you completed more than 1 program

  •    You may be able to get a PGWP that combines the length of each program.

Each of the programs you completed -

  • must be PGWP-eligible and at least 8 months in length

Admission Requirement / Eligibility Criteria

High school Diploma or Equivalent or Mature Student Status (19 years of age or more) and Proof of English Language Proficiency. 

For the English Language, Domestic Students need to have Grade 10 English or Successful Completion of English Language Proficiency Assessment Test conducted by College Authorities. 

International Students will need to submit proof of English Language Competency by any one of the following options: 

TOEFL (paper): 550 or TOEFL (CBT): 210 or TOEFL(IBT): 79 or Canadian Language Benchmark Test (CLB): 6 PTE Academic: 50 or Cambridge: CAE or equivalent Has earned a Grade 12 graduation diploma from in a system in which English is the official language, or Any other internationally accepted English language assessment test with an equivalent score, or Successfully completed a pre-Intermediate certificate from a Language Canada accredited school or Successfully complete the College’s English language proficiency assessment, or Successful completion of 24-week ESL program at the College.

  • Course Type: Full Time
  • Course Level: Under Graduate Diploma or Certificate
  • Duration: 01 Year  01 Month  
  • Total Tuition Fee: 11760 CAD
    Annual Cost of Living: 10000 CAD
    Application Fee: 250 CAD
This Institution is not directly represented by us and applications / visa support (to them) attract a nominal charge